Anna Skubisz (1986) is a Dutch artist with Polish roots. Even when she was a little girl she was always making things. At the dinner table she used napkins to create, in the forest the grass and of course she drew a lot, too.

Unsurprisingly, she went to ArtEZ School of Arts in Zwolle as soon as she finished high school. In 2007 she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in illustration and design. Ever since, her work has been evolving towards fine artAnna has worked on different art projects in Holland and Poland, like the artsailroute in Amersfoort (kunstvaarroute) and the Mandala performance festival in Wroclaw. She also gives art workshops for children and elderly people.

Most of all she enjoys to create work for exhibithions. Among other places, she has shown her art in Amerfsoort, Kampen and Utrecht. With wool, paper and wire, she makes sculptures and installations. Most of them are animals or human figures. She finds inspiration in stories, nature and the different materials she uses. Her works have a sense of spareness and are characterized by tasteful simplicity. It is created with a lot of patience, an eye for detail and most of all it is made with love.